Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Review: Young-ja's Heydays, 1975

Korean People faced a rapid industrialization without any preparation in 70's. They rushed up to the capital city for job and money. The monstrous city exploited and ate their souls and bodies in cheap prices. Young-ja was the names of Korean people's daughter, sister and mother lived in the period. It reflects the miserable circumstances in the times. However, director made Young-ja a cheerful and delightful character.

The title is a heavy satire of her series of inevitable misfortunes or maybe Chang-soo's devoted love makes her feel heydays.

Just finished military service, Chang-soo encounters his first love, Young-ja in a police station. He is surprised that she becomes a prostitute. What is worse, she lost one arm by accident.    

Young-ja and Chang-soo were respectively a housemaid and an employee in the same house. She was very innocent, come to Seoul to support her sick mother and siblings. Chang-soo loved her and confessed it, but he had to leave her for the military service, and said "Wait for me". However, she lost her virginity by a bad son in the house, and was kicked out with a little bit of money. She relied on her friend working as a prostitute.

She works as a waitress, a sewer and a bus conductor because she doesn't have any skill. Unfortunately, she lost her arm while working as a bus conductor by car accident.

Chang-soo works day and night at a public bath, and he spends all for her, not to  receiving clients.

He takes care of her very much, but she leaves him because she thinks she is a obstacle for his future.

Years later, Chang-soo runs his own tailor's shop. And he finds her living happily with a crippled husband and a baby.
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